sábado, 19 de marzo de 2016

The Paris match - The Style Council Feat Tracey Thorn

Empty hours
Spent combing the street
In daytime showers
They've become my beat;
As I walk from cafe to bar
I wish I knew where you are;
Because you've clouded my mind
And now I'm all out of time
Empty skies say try to forget
Better advice is to have no regrets;
As I tread the boulevard floor
Will I see once more;
Because you've clouded my mind
'Till then I'm biding my time

I'm only sad in a natural way
And I enjoy sometimes feeling this way
The gift you gave is desire
The match that started my fire

Empty nights with nothing to do
I sit and think, every thought is for you;
I get so restless and bored
So I go out once more;
I hate to feel so confined
I feel like I'm wasting my time

Lyrics: Paul Weller 

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Steppenwolf dijo...

Esa tristeza de Tracey Thorn me trae muy buenos recuerdos. Me pasa algo parecido con Joni Mitchell, no puedo oírla sin asociarla a recuerdos, la canción suena a recuerdo y el recuerdo te lleva a la canción, ya no pueden funcionar por separado.
Por cierto, la portada del disco me parece bastante.....surrealista