sábado, 27 de febrero de 2016

If leaving me is easy- Phil Collins

I read all the letters, I read each word that you've sent to me
And though it's past now, and the words start to fade
All the memories I have still remain

I've kept all the pictures, but I hide my feelings so no-one knows
Oh sure my friends all come round, but I'm in a crowd on my own
It's 'cos you're gone now, but your heart, still remains
And it'll be here if you come again

You see, I'd heard the rumours, I knew before you let me know
But I didn't believe it, not you,
No you would not let me go
Seems I was wrong, but I love, I love you the same
And that's the one thing that you can't take away but just remember...

If leaving me is easy,
Coming back is harder...

2 comentarios:

Steppenwolf dijo...

Esta canción me ha llevado a un camino mas lejano que el in the air tonight, y todavia lo estoy explorando.

Maya dijo...

Recuperar una canción que no escuchabas desde hace años es como volver a descubrirla.
Me alegra volver a coincidir contigo en el blog.